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AfriCom Intl provides the following services for its valued customers

AfriCom Intl is providing International Level Calling Services to millions of satisfied customers within USA, and other countries, AfriCom Intl does not share the email addresses or any other info you provide, and keeps all the information in Encrypted and Secure Database, we do not provide any refund to our customer since our Quality can be compared to upmost telecom companies, and AfriCom Intl has proved in the last years that it can provide the best service in International Calling to A-Z destinations with Crystal clear Voice Quality, and we also provide services to wholesale customers who are running small calling service, and resell the calling services. AfriCom Intl  promises the customers that AfriCom Intl will keep the privacy of customers in secure database and will not let any body access the private data of any customer, so please sign up with full confidence to Prepaid and Pinless calling service and in case you want you can call our customer support phone numbers to obtain more info about our products, services and free trials.
AfriCom Intl Calling Service
AfriCom Intl is an international long distance communication service provider. You can call from anywhere and call to anywhere. We provide services in more than 192 countries. You will get the best quality because we are connected to the major local providers directly which makes the call connection faster and clearer. We also offer you the most competitive rates.
AfriCom Intl Soft Phones
AfriCom Intl works on the VOIP technology, where a telephone has to be connected to a high-speed Internet connection using the AfriCom Intl phone adapter, and the phone works as a normal phone line. You will be able to call any where and you will be able to receive calls as well. AfriCom Intl gives you local and long distance calling anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for one low price.   AfriCom Intl also offers calling to all European countries, India and Pakistan at competitive rates.
AfriCom Intl International Voice Termination
AfriCom Intl is a whole seller of international voice termination for Europe, Asia and US. AfriCom Intl is connected  to Europe through one major hub in NY to seven direct on net SDH POPs in Europe.With AfriCom Intl ’s seven direct on net SDH(Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) pops in Europe and one major hub in NY for US js makes one of the most redundant European network for European voice termination with its direct interconnect to India and Pakistan over SEA-Me_WE-3(South East Asia- Middle East- Western Europe)We have a direct network connection set up with the major local providers, which enable SEAMLESS TRAFFIC with loud & clear voice and very less initiation time at Less Cost.

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